History in Brief
DORIS HARPER-WILLS was born in Guyana, South
America where she gained recognition as a performance
poet, storyteller and songwriter who choreographed her
own scripts.

Her first poem was published at the age of nine in
'Wee Wisdom', an international magazine produced by
Unity School Of Christianity, USA.

She has won several awards and prizes for her songs, short
stories and performance poetry and has been aptly described as
"A brilliant cultural patriot."

Doris's stories are rooted in the history, legend and lore of
the people who came to the Caribbean.
Her songs are derived from the oral tradition.
She has dramatised her songs and stories for international
festivals in Guyana (Carifesta) New York (Lincoln Center
& Billie Holiday Theater) London (Trafalgar Square &
Covent Garden) and for museum events (Commonwealth
Institute, British Natural History and Science Museums).
and for the BBC radio and various television programmes.

School children and students the world over have been
given the opportunity to participate with her on television,
on radio, live on stage and in parks, (Guyana, London,
New York, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Brazil)

Doris Harper-Wills features in the Black Archives touring
exhibition as "a guiding light focused on teaching the
history and culture of the Caribbean diaspora through her
art forms."